The RSS reader regularly checks the subscribed feed (URL), downloads any updates that it finds and provides a user interface for monitoring and reading feeds.

You can use RSS in Espacenet for

  • the Maintenance news and News flashes sections on the Espacenet homepage
  • the result list

To use the RSS of the result list, all you have to do is to run a search. For example, use the Advanced search function to combine several search criteria (e.g. applicant, classification symbol) and, when the result list appears, click on the RSS icon next to the words "Result list". The URL of the result list will then be added as a feed to the RSS client installed on your machine. Each click creates a new RSS feed. You will then be notified when new documents appear in the database that match your search criteria.

Subscribing to an RSS feed for the Maintenance news or News Flashes sections will guarantee that you find out in good time about planned maintenance work or any other news.

Some internet browsers allow you to bookmark RSS feed links or add them to your favourites

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