Exporting lists

All lists in Espacenet can be exported to another application as CSV or XLS files.

You can export on a page-by-page basis only (30 documents in compact mode, 15 in extended mode).

You can add several exported lists to the same Excel worksheet, but you have to remember to give them unique names, as the standard name is "results.csv".

How to export to CSV

  • Go to a list and click on CSV in the toolbar next to Export.
  • Choose Save from the dialogue window and save the file on the desktop, for example.
  • Open a new sheet in Excel. In the toolbar click on Data -> Import External Data -> Import Data. Select the saved file (from the desktop) and click on Open.
  • Select Delimited and File origin: Ms-Dos (PC-8) and click Next.
  • Select Comma and text qualifier: " and click Next.
  • Select General (column data format) and click Finish.
  • Add where you want to put the data (existing or new worksheet) and select OK. Your Excel table will have clear, readable columns.

How to export to XLS

  • Go to a list and click on XLS in the toolbar next to Export.
  • Select Open or Save from the prompt dialogue window.

Your list will then appear in an Excel table with clear, readable columns. Click on any publication number in the list to go direct to Espacenet.

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