The claims are the part of the patent which define the scope of the legal protection sought for the invention. The description and drawings are used to interpret the claims.

Most independent claims consist of two parts: the prior art portion and the characterising portion.

A process claim is a claim relating to a new process.

A product claim is a claim relating to a specific new product.

A product-by-process claim is a claim relating to a specific new product which is defined in terms of the way the product is produced.

Independent claims contain the main features of the invention. Any independent claim can be followed by one or more dependent claims relating to particular aspects of the invention.

Click on the Claims tree button to view a tree representation of the independent claims and their dependent claims. Click on the + (plus) sign next to the claim number to expand the claims view and see how the dependent claims are hierarchically related. Click on the - (minus) sign to collapse the claims view.

Note: In exceptional cases involving an excessive numbers of claims or claim dependencies which are not drafted in the conventional way, the viewer may not be able to display the claims tree correctly.

You can view the text of the claims in a language other than the one displayed. First select the target language and then click the red Patent Translate button. If the text is in English, it can be translated into one of the supported languages. If the text is not in English, it will be translated into English.

The text for translation is sent to specially "trained" machine translation engines, jointly developed by the EPO and Google, where it is processed and returned to the user.

In both the EP and WIPO databases, you can search the full text of the description of all published European (EP) and international (PCT) applications, in any EPO official language (English, French and German).

Note (1): The text shown in the claims is usually that of the A document, even if the original document you are viewing is the B document or its bibliographic data. You can only view the claims of a B document by opening the corresponding facsimile (PDF) under the heading Also published as.

Note (2): Your search terms will only retrieve results for applications that have been filed in the language in which the terms were entered.

The highlighting of the searched terms is activated by default. To deactivate it, deselect the relevant box under the Settings tab.

Above the title of the patent document, you have four options:

  • You can add this document to your own patent list by clicking on the star icon next to In my patents list.
  • You can click on the Register link (where activated) for a particular country to go straight to the corresponding entry in the national register concerned.
  • You can report a data error by clicking on the Report data error link. You will then be required to fill out a form so that the error can be corrected as soon as possible.
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